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10.15am - Maths


Maths Task


Happy Tuesday Swifts!


Today’s session will take a look at 'time!'

We have been looking at this lots over the past week or so. We've looked at o'clock, half past, quarter past, quarter to and five minutes past the hour.


Today's task helps to apply all of these skills. I'd like you to create your very own timetable, listing the times where you do things linked to your daily routine.  Have a go at telling me all about your routine - what do you do at certain times? Use the template attached to show this!



For this session you'll need: 

* A pencil

* The worksheet (provided below)

* The time organiser to help you




I'll be available to contact through our class email -

So please do contact me for advice or if you simply want to share what your child has done! smiley