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Time Machine

Jump aboard your time machine and travel back in time with us...

Jump aboard your time machine and travel back in time with us... 1

What are we learning about?

This term we will be time travelling through the past, focusing on the development and decline of the British Empire. We will also having a brief stop off at different time periods on the way, with a particular focus on the Victorians!


Street child by Berlie Doherty

Victorian nonsense poets: Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear           

Writing in character



Grammar focus - clauses

  • Weekly spelling tests to check familiarity with key words


Written methods for multiplication

Division by a one digit number

2D and 3D shapes

Area and perimeter


Tables and bar charts

Weekly times tables tests.

Learning opportunities

  • Chronology focus: British History from the beginning!
  • Meet famous historical faces.
  • Victorian children – school day experience!
  • Art – William Morris prints.
  • Assembly – time travel with us through the past!
  • DT project: design a toy with a moving cam mechanism.

How can you help?

Research about empire – what is it? When was the British Empire at its strongest?

Practise and discuss spellings with children.

Could you watch ‘Oliver!’?

Practise recall of tables and division facts.

Home learning project: different activities to do with travelling through  the past: map work, diary entry, research... See the card below

Here is our home learning project.