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Sowing the Seed

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Topic Overview


This half term we will be looking at how plants grow. We will be growing our own broad beans and keeping a diary of how they are getting on. Our role play for this whole term will be a farm shop and stable. This topic will then progress onto next half term ‘from field to fork’ where will be looking at how food ends up on our plates.




We will be reading the brilliant book ‘Farmer Duck’ this half term. We will start by making predictions, then acting out the events, planning our own version of this story and then writing our stories. The children will continue to learn the features of a story and remember to use their writing skills consistency across all their work.




Within the first two weeks we are going to be recapping some of the skills and techniques we have learnt in previous terms. We will be focusing on two areas: Number and Place value and Multiplication and Division. 



We are then going to be learning about money making sure that we can recognise and know the value of different denominations of coins. We will be using our role play to help use add and subtract different amounts of money. 




By the end of the half term year 1 would have written their own stories to show their parents.

They would have experienced a real working farm and learnt about how farms were in the Victorian times. The children will also be in the process of growing their own vegetables ready for part 2 of this term ‘ From field to fork’.




Picture 1