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School Improvement and Outcomes

On this page you will find details of our current School Improvement Priorities and the outcomes of the most recent national assessments.
This year these are some of the key areas we will be working on:

Teaching & Learning:
  • We aim for teaching and learning in our school to be outstanding so that everyone achieves their full potential.
  • We want to ensure we plan activities for the needs of every child and ensure all children know how to improve and reach their next steps.
  • We want to review our provision for the Able, Gifted and Talented children in the school.
  • We want our children to get better at their number bonds and using their maths skills in different contexts.


  • We want to further improve how our children apply their writing skills across the curriculum.
  • We want our children to improve their spelling and handwriting skills.

Early Years Foundation Stage Outcomes

Our results in the Early Years Foundation Stage last year were above the national average for pupils at a 'Good Level of Development'. We were also above the average for Southampton. The average points achieved by the cohort were just above the national average but 0.3 points below that achieved by all pupils in Southampton.

Pupils at a Good Level of Development: 73%

Pupil Average Points: 34.5

EYFS Outcomes in 2016

KS1 Outcomes in  2016

The performance of our Year 2 pupils in 2016 was above the national and Southampton average in Reading, Writing and Maths at the expected standard (EXS). We were also well above average when these results were combined. We did not match the national or Southampton average for those pupils working at greater depth (GDS).

Pupils working at expected (EXS):

Reading 80%

Writing 80%

Maths 83%

Pupils working at greater depth (GDS):

Reading 3%

Writing 7%

Maths 3%

KS1 Outcomes 2016

Phonics Outcomes

A higher percentage of pupils met the standard in 2016 than in previous years. Our pupils also performed better than the national and Southampton average this year. Pupils retaking the assessment also did better this year then in previous years and this was also above the national and Southampton average.

Pupils attaining the expected standard in year 1: 87%


Phonics Outcomes 2016

KS2 Outcomes in 2016

Our Year 6 pupils performed very well in their SATs in 2016, achieving higher averages than pupils both nationally and in Southampton. When combined, these results compared very favourably with our pupils achieving 76.7% at the expected standard in Reading, Writing and Maths combined which is 22.4% above the average in Southampton and 23.5% above nationally.

Pupils working at expected standard:

Reading: 87%

Writing: 87%

Maths: 87%

Combined: 77%

Pupils working at the higher standard:

Reading: 27%

Writing: 13%

Maths: 17%

Combined: 7%

Average Points per pupil: 105.6

KS2 Outcomes 2016