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What are we learning about?

Through the topic, Save Our Rivers, the class will find out lots of fascinating facts about rivers and the course they take. We will learn about the significant features of rivers, from the source through its journey into the sea. We will also look at the water cycle as well as investigating the properties of solids and liquids.



Year 4 will research then write an information sheet about a given river (Thames, Amazon, Mississippi, Nile, and Ganges). Our focus will then be on persuasive texts. The children will use the features of this text type to write a leaflet persuading people to look after their water to avoid pollution. We will also spend some time looking at the imagery and word choices found in river poetry.



Year 4 will continue to learn about the four operations in maths, with a focus on multiplication and division.  The children will improve their mental calculations, as well as develop their written methods.  We will also investigate measure problems and learn how to solve ratio and proportion problems.

Towards the end, the children will complete a final rivers project using measurement and capacity.


Learning Opportunities

We will be mainly focusing on Geography: Rivers and their impact through the water cycle. We will spend time looking at who uses the rivers; both the natural habitats of the wildlife but also how humans use the water. The science will look at water treatment through the water cycle and investigations into Solids and liquids; melting and freezing

There will be a trip planned to visit a local river and this will help understand the science behind how a river is formed. In support of the charity WaterAid, Rooks will be collecting pennies and organizing a funding raising event towards the end of term.


How can you help?

Parents can support by encouraging children to read lots of information books about rivers and sharing their experiences. They can also help their children complete a water usage homework sheet for our work on saving water.  

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