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What are we learning about?


The children will be transformed into archaeologists during this unit of work. They will learn about life in the Stone Age and become experts at how to survive the era.


We will be researching information and making notes in order to report back to class, verbally and in written form. Most of our research will be about how the Stone Age people survived.


We will also be looking at stories such as ‘Ug: Boy Genius of the Stone Age and his search for Soft Trousers’ by Raymond Briggs, looking at creating their own narrative, developing character and setting description.


This unit will firstly focus on fractions before moving on to coordinates and compass points.

We will be looking at pictograms and Venn diagrams.

We will also continue our work on formal calculation methods.

Learning Opportunities

Our main focus subjects will be History, Science and Art. We will be looking in detail at the Stone Age period of History, looking at what it was like to live in the Stone Age and some of the legacies left behind today. Children will look at Stone Age Art and mark marking.


In science, we will look at animals including humans: we will look at nutrition and the different types and how our diets compare to those from the Stone Age. We will further look at skeleton types, naming bones and functions of bones which we again compare animals at present and from the Stone Age. Finally we will look at muscles.

How you can help at home


Parents can support by encouraging children to read lots of information books about Stone Age history, and gather information for their home learning project, which will be investigating an area of the Stone Age and presenting it in a variety of ways. - A day in the life of a stone age 10 year old Stone Age horrible histories