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Out of Egypt

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What are we learning about?


This 6 week unit will explore all aspects of Ancient Egypt through English, History and Art. The children will work to produce artefacts to create their own museum, and perform an assembly to parents based on what they have found out.



We will be reading a variety of Myths and Legends and exploring meanings of these for the Egyptian people. We will then write our own myth based on what we have learnt.

We will be studying features of non-chronological reports and newspapers, and the children will write based on an aspect of Ancient Egyptian life.

In Guided Reading, we will be studying the book ‘There’s a Pharaoh in the Bath’ by Jeremy Strong.



We will be using 2D and 3D shape to create our own pyramid village based on their properties. We will also be looking at angles and perimeter in relationship to pyramids.


We will then focus on addition and subtraction strategies, and applying these skills.


Learning Opportunities

This topic will focus on Literacy, History, Science and Art. The children will explore Egypt through the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb and what it told us about life in Ancient Egypt. They will be investigating and making their own Ancient Egyptian death mask and exploring how the Egyptians would have used lights and the sun in everyday life. Our computing curriculum will involve programming floor turtles to move around 3D objects and an introduction to coding on the computer.


At the end of the project, there will be Ancient Egyptian assembly to parents, followed by the chance to visit our own museum!


How you can help at home 

Parents can support by encouraging children to read and research Ancient Egypt. We will also be having an Egyptian Day so helping to design a costume would be great!

The homework project will be to research and make an Egyptian artefact to present in our museum. - Ancient Egypt - Educational Video for Kids

Educational Video for Kids about Ancient Egypt by Tropic Mind. Learn more at - Educational Virtual World

Pharaohs-The Great Pyramid of Egypt (How was it built?) - BBC 1 of 6 = 2011

The Great Pyramid of Egypt (How was it built) - BBC A realistic and breath-taking step by step recreation of the building of the pyramid in Egypt pharaohs