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Iron Man

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What are we learning about?

The main focus for this topic is the children’s science fiction story ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. Described by some as a modern day fairy story, it describes the unexpected arrival in England of a giant "metal man" who befriends a small boy. From this text we will make a giant model together as a class, using levers to move body parts and electrical circuits to light him up. 



The focus of this topic will be stories from imaginary worlds. We will spend time looking in detail at character and setting descriptions before writing our own ‘Iron man’ story.

We will compare both the film ‘The Iron Giant’ and the original Ted Hughes novel, as well as compare our giant with the Marvel Comics ‘Iron Man’.

There will also be opportunity for script writing as well as a news report covering the events. 



We will spend time using the skills we have learnt to price up our Iron man model and how the parts can be equally spread.

There will be a focus on time, data handling, geometry and measurement when designing and planning our Iron man.




Learning Opportunities

The class will spend time looking at the mechanics behind machines. They will know how levers, pulleys and pivots work in machines we find around the house. We will also spend time looking at the electrical layout of technology and will build circuits for our ‘Iron Man’.

At the end of term when the class have built their scrap model, parents will be invited to come in and see all their hard work and have a tour around our designs.

There are no planned visits for this topic at present.  


How you can help at home 

The homework project  this term will be to write and imaginary story. It will be up to them how they present this, for example a book, comic strip or play script.

Help at home

Toward the beginning of term if we can also have any large boxes you may have this would be greatly appreciated! More detail to come.