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Fruit For Fun!

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What are we learning about?

This half term, we will be opening our Fruit Café!  Here, we will sell the fruit smoothies and kebabs that the children have made in Design Technology.  In science, we will be finding out about living and growing and investigating whether taller children have bigger feet!  We will also be thinking about what animals need to survive, when a special guest speaker comes in to talk to us about looking after their pet. In Geography, we will be learning all about food from around the world, and we will create a giant display showing what we have found out, for the children in Year 1.


Our English this term focusses on Non-Fiction texts, as we learn how to write instructions for our fruit smoothies and kebabs; making sure we are using the correct language, such as bossy verbs!  We then look at persuasive texts and make our own advertisement for our Fruit Café!  We will think about how to use persuasive language and punctuation to make you want to buy our smoothies!  We will then be reading and performing poems with a “food” theme before having a go at writing our own, using repetition, rhyme and alliteration.

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We begin our Maths this term learning how to find fractions of shapes by discussing halves of apples, pears and other fruit, leading into working out fractions of numbers. We will then be organising and interpreting the data that we have found from our science experiment.  We will also discover the names of many shapes and find out how to tell what a shape is, and sort them by their properties.  When making our smoothies and kebabs, we will find out how to weigh items and read scales accurately.  Finally, we will be learning how to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes on an analogue clock.

Frozen Fractions 'Here I Go!' - Sing-A-Long and Learn Fraction Rules!

Nook Lane are at it again - this time with a Frozen 'Let It Go' parody! Teaching the rules of fractions to kids around the World. The follow-up to '3D Shaper' ( tells the story of a girl struggling with fractions.

Learning Opportunities

This term we will get the opportunity to plan and carry out an investigation to find out if taller children have bigger feet.  We will make predictions, conduct a fair test and show our results in Maths when we learn about data.  In computing, we will learn how to use ICT to produce adverts using logos, clipart, different fonts and colours. We will be studying the work of Cezanne and his fruit paintings, and creating some close-up sketches and paintings of fruit using different mediums and techniques. 

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How can you help?

Have a go at making your own fruit (or vegetable) kebabs and smoothies at home.  Talk to the children about where the fruit or vegetable comes from.  In the supermarket, look at the labels on products and see if you can find where the food was grown. If you are baking, encourage your child to weigh the ingredients and read the scale accurately.  You can also help them to tell the time giving them time checks throughout the day. For instance, “it’s half past 7 – that’s bedtime!”