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From Field to Fork

From Field to Fork

From Field to Fork 1

Topic Overview


This summer term we will be looking at 'The Farm' . We will be growing our own broad beans and keeping a diary of how they are getting on. Our role play for this whole term will be a farm, farm shop and garden. This half term we will be making the link between the farm and how it ends up on our plates by pairing up pictures and looking into the process fruit and vegetables go through.  




We will begin this half by recapping the story Farmer Duck. We will  then be looking at letter writing, exploring examples and planning our own letter to thank a local Farmer. Leading up to our Horticultural afternoon, we will be writing and presenting our own posters.



This half term we will be recapping our number bonds to 20. We will also be measuring and recording time- hours, minutes and seconds which we will using and applying in PE and on Sports Day. We will also be linking our Maths with Geography as we give directions using the language whole, half, quarter turns.





By the end of the half term year 1 would have written their own stories and these will be shown at the Horticultural afternoon in July. During this afternoon the children will be getting to know a variety of farm animals which will be on the school field. Year 1 will be able to name a range of common garden plants including fruit and vegetables and their uses. Year 1 will have a greater awareness of where their food come from by the end of his half term. We will continue to look after our broad beans which we planted last half term and we will be growing some cress heads.