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Dragons Autumn 1

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What are we learning about?


Year 3 will explore the idea of Dragons in different cultures and stories. The unit will be based on the Power of Reading book Krindlekrax by Philip Ridley and the film ‘How to Train Your Dragon’.  



The children will explore the characters and plot development in the story Krindlekrax through a range of reading and drama activities.


The children will read and develop an understanding of the key features of a legend. They will then use this to write a narrative based on their own dragon character. 



 In Maths, we will be thinking about fractions and using multiplication and division facts.

We will be collecting data on dragons and representing our findings.

We will be focusing on time and using our knowledge of  both this and position and direction to solve problems.

We will be doing some hands on problem solving related to the topic by using 2D and 3D shape.


Learning Opportunities

Our main focus subjects will be English, DT and Computing. In DT, children will be designing and making a moving dragon model with pneumatics using recycled materials.

Our computing curriculum will involve creating a top trump card game based around Dragons and their special abilities. They will be using the key skills in publishing, including page layout and size, frames and borders, shapes and fill colours, word Art, text boxes and inserting graphical images.

In PE, they will also be planning and performing a dragon dance, and in RE we will be looking at the importance of Fire in different cultures and religions.

At the end of the project, there will be a ‘How to train your Dragon’ exhibition and performance poetry show for parents and guests! 


How can you help?

Parents can support by encouraging children to read and research about Dragons and their significance in ancient myths and legends. They could be encouraged to use a laptop or tablet to experiment with different ways of presenting any information they find.

We also need as many empty boxes and interesting shaped ‘recycled’ cartons as possible!



DRAGONS! - Wiki for Kids (Cool School)

Dragons! There are so many types of dragons - good thing Cool School has Kids Wiki to explain all the different kinds! There are cute dragons (like Toothless), baby dragons (like Spike), fierce dragons (like Maleficent), magic dragons (as in Puff, the Magic Dragon), there's even a band called Imagine Dragons!

Are Dragons Real?! - Fact or Fictional

Veronica chats with dragon expert, Professor Peter Hogarth from the University of York, UK, about the possibility of dragons ever existing and how dragons have been incorporated into culture, from creation myths to HBO's hit series, Game of Thrones. I mean, Komodo Dragons are a thing... but will they ever fly and breathe fire?