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What are we learning about?

During this 5 week unit we will be looking at carnivals and festivals across the world, with a particular focus on Brazil and Rio. We will be learning about life in Brazil- the climate, landscape and people. We will be making tie-dye clothes and learning how to dance like characters from Rio 2!



In the first 2 weeks, we will be looking at origin stories- e.g ‘How the parrot got its colour’, ‘How the tiger got its stripes’. We will be looking at the format for this and writing our own origin stories.


Following this, we will be looking at poetry, in particular sound poems and poems on a carnival theme. We will be writing our own carnival poems to perform.



We will be revisiting multiplication and division, and solving problems involving these strategies.


We will then be moving on to time, with a focus on telling the time to 5 minute intervals



Learning Opportunities

During this topic, the children will also be investigating magnets, and designing their own ‘Dragons Den’ style carnival game. We will be using the computers and Huddls to research life in Brazil. We will be looking at a child’s life in Brazil through our Guided Reading texts, and comparing these to their own.


At the end of the project, there will be an opportunity for you to come in and see the children show off their clothes and dance moves!


How you can help at home 

The children’ homework project will be to make their own mask or headdress, as well as design their own Maths carnival game.


Carnival for Kids

Here's how kids in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil celebrated Carnival this year.