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Bitterne Manor Explorers Autumn 2

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What are we learning about?

The children will be transformed into archaeologists during this unit of work. They will learn about life in the Stone Age and become experts at identifying different types of rocks and soils.


We will be researching information and making notes in order to report back to class, verbally and in written form. Most of our research will be about rocks and minerals. The children will also get the opportunity to read and write stories with familiar settings.


We will also do a short unit of work on Oliver Jeffers, looking at a variety of stories by the same author.



We will be solving problems involving multiplication and division, using different strategies.  We will also be looking at fractions.  Being able to read scales on a thermometer and co-ordinates on a map will link with our topic work.  Other skills will include data handling. There will be many opportunities to solve number puzzles and word problems, based around becoming explorers!

Learning Opportunities

Our main focus subjects will be Science, History and Music. Our study of ‘Rocks and Soils’ will aid us in our topic work. Temperatures of various areas in and out of school will be recorded and rainfall collected. The children will look at the school’s micro-climate, thinking where best to hide certain treasures.

We will be looking in detail at the Stone Age period of History, looking at what it was like to live in the Stone Age and some of the legacies left behind today. Children will look at Stone Age Art and mark marking.

Our computing curriculum will begin with computer safety, each child will be given their own Gmail address and we will learn how to send and receive emails. Recorder lessons will begin as part of Music.


How can you help?

Parents can support by encouraging children to read lots of information books about Stone Age history, and gather information for their home learning project, which will be investigating an area of the Stone Age and presenting it in a variety of ways.

The Rules of the Classroom Song

Year 3 Rules of the Classroom!

Horrible Histories - Stone Age Song

A piano playing caveman sets the record straight about the Stone Age.

Rocks Song by Peter Weatherall

A ROcks music video that we have been enjoying this term!