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Around the World

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What are we learning about?  

The class will be following Barnaby Bear on his adventure around the world. We will be comparing where he has been to our local area. The role play this half term is a Travel agency where they will be practising their speaking and listening and understanding of places around the world. 



The children will be writing a recount of their trip to Bitterne Town Centre, remembering the key events and the order in which we did them.


The children will create their own version of a story from a different culture based on the book “The Story Tree-The sweetest song”.



In Maths we will be learning and revising our 2D and 3D shapes through finding these around the school grounds and describing their properties.


We will then work on learning to tell the time to become ‘Time Travelers!’ We will begin to learn o’clock, half past on an analogue clock.



Learning opportunities 

We will be taking a trip around our local area, reading maps and using a compass!

The year 1 children will have created their own story, item of clothing and gathered information about places around the world. This will be available to share with the parents towards the end of the half term.

 The role play will be a travel agency!



How can you help? 

Please continue to read with your child at home, asking them questions about how they feel about what they have read, what type of book is it? Who are the characters, what are the events and settings? 

Please also support and encourage your child in completing and having fun with their weekly tasks and homework. Any photos of them on holiday would also be great to add to our class map of the world.